Who we are

The Bygrave Action Group is a community led group, working closely with, and backed by Bygrave Parish Council, to protect our beloved rural landscape from industrialisation.  

We will hold the developers to account.  We will ensure their planning application is scrutinised to the highest degree.  We will ensure the voice of the community is heard.  We will not give up our beautiful local landscape or the rural character of our village without a fight.

What we believe

The need for renewable energy is undeniable and we fully support renewable energy initiatives when implemented in the right way and in the right place.  

Industrial scale solar projects may have a part to play in achieving renewable energy goals, but this need not, and should not, be at the expense of the great British countryside and rural communities.

The proposal to build a solar plant the size of 70 football pitches, deeply scarring the open and rolling countryside between three rural communities (and almost on top of one), in a location that is of cultural and historical significance and high agricultural value, when there are so many less destructive options, is outrageous.

What we are doing

We have conducted significant research, engaged professional advisers, lobbied and gained support from our District and County Councillors and from our local MP, and secured the backing of influential organisations.  We have scrutinised the planning documents and fed back detailed comments and questions to NHDC and HCC Officers.  We have kept the local community updated and helped to co-ordinate almost 200 objections to the proposed development.

We expect that the application will imminently be put before the Planning Committee for a decision.  We trust that the Officers and Councillors will recognise that this is a wholly inappropriate site for such a development and reject the application.