Arbury Banks

Arbury Banks is an Iron Age hillfort situated on high ground near Newnham Way, 1km South West of Ashwell parish church. According to Historic England:

“Hillforts are amongst the most striking of all archaeological monuments in England; their hilltop locations and often massive earthworks make a very powerful statement to the modern observer about the organisation, manual skills, labour and beliefs of Iron Age peoples over 2,000 years ago.”

The most important architectural sites and monuments in England are protected by being granted “scheduled status”. Arbury Banks is a scheduled monument, having been designated as such nearly 100 years ago.

The views from Arbury Banks towards Bygrave and Newnham are currently of vast swathes of countryside largely unchanged over the many, many years that have passed since the construction of the hillfort. These views would be ruined by the construction of the proposed solar plant.

More details can be found at:

Historic England: Scheduled Hillforts in England | Historic England

Spot the difference?

Photograph taken by a walker from Bygrave to show a more realistic view from Arbury Banks following the solar panels installation.
Arbury Banks with Panels PACE
Photograph taken by PACE to clearly minimise and manipulate the true impact on the view from Arbury Banks.