Proposed Bygrave solar plant HGV route

Discussions regarding construction traffic have been ongoing between PACE and Hertfordshire County Council Highways Department.  The plan now is for construction traffic to travel down the A507 and then along the Bygrave Road and Ashwell Road.  To accommodate the articulated lorries which will be required for construction, the junction between the A507 and Bygrave Road will be altered by reducing the size of the pedestrian refuge and moving it even closer to the busy A507 and by narrowing the pavement.  This already dangerous junction will be made even more dangerous by these changes.  Bygrave/Ashwell Road is not suitable and not safe for the construction traffic, being largely single track with weight restrictions, with blind bends, generally poor visibility and going directly through three settlements/villages.  The proposed route for construction traffic is clearly entirely unsuitable and unsafe.

New Proposed HGV Route for the Bygrave Solar Plant
The proposed HGV route for the Bygrave solar plant. Map data from Google.