Proposed Bygrave solar plant site

The images show that, despite claims by the developer that the site will be largely invisible from Arbury Banks, a large part of the solar plant will still be clearly visible. Disappointingly, the image provided by the developer in their planning application is not a true representation of the view from Arbury Banks. Whether intentional or not, this reflects very poorly on the developer.

The developer’s own photographs from Copse Hill clearly illustrate the devastating impact of the proposed development on the landscape.  The site is vast, open and undulating.  It is clear that the solar array cannot be hidden by any hedging and tree planting. They really could not have chosen a more conspicuous site in this area.

An independent survey included in the planning application confirms that the land is grade 2 agricultural land.  Such land is considered highly productive and versatile and should be reserved for agriculture.  The developer makes an entirely token gesture by proposing sheep grazing on the site with no guarantees. The reality is that solar plants can accommodate very few sheep as much of the land is shaded by the panels.

Proposed Site For The Bygrave Solar Plant Aerial View
Aerial view of the proposed site for the Bygrave solar plant. Map data from Google.